Nature Lodge Kinabatangan- Bornean Elephants

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Meet the Bornean Elephants in Nature Lodge Kinabatangan!

One of the main attractions in Nature Lodge Kinabatangan is definitely the wildlife here! Have you ever seen herds of elephants in front of your naked eyes? We can’t promise that every guest will be able to see them live here but the possibility is there. Elephants are one of the common Borneo wildlife which can be seen here.

They are so adorable that you will want to take photos of their every movement in the natural habitat. What would you do if you were the one who was witnessing them? We bet you’ll be fascinated! Elephants’ diet consists of a variety of jungle plants, fruits and vegetables. Usually, they enjoy such delicacies as bamboo shoots and leaves, bananas, sugar cane, corn, tree bark and jungle leaves.

A Bornean elephant seen nearby Kinabatangan River at Nature Lodge Kinabatangan

Elephants are an endangered species because of poaching and habitat loss. That is why in Nature Lodge Kinabatangan, conserving the environment is our priority. Our conservation efforts include vegetable planting and waste disposal system. We want our guests to enjoy their stay and learn to protect the Mother Earth together! 

Location: Kinabatangan River nearby Nature Lodge Kinabatangan
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