Save Our Trees – Nature Lodge Kinabatangan’s Effort

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Let Our Mother Earth Breathe Peacefully!

Recently, Nature Lodge Kinabatangan team has created awareness signboards on every tree in the jungle nearby. This is an approach to change the public’s perception towards the importance of letting Mother Earth to breathe peacefully without any unwanted disturbance from selfish and irresponsible humans. Are you one of the nature lovers out there whom would support our effort until this campaign successfully reaches its main objectives? We want you to be a part of us!

Our present generation is already full of sick people whom can’t even realize how crucial it is to preserve the nature for the future generation. Humans are the only creatures whom are able to think wisely and act accordingly. Animals and other living things use their brain differently from humans. So what are we actually expecting? If we expect these innocent creatures to act like us, we shall throw away those brains of ours and simply donate them to the trees and animals. We bet they will use those brains wiser than us. Give them some mercy, please!

From this effort, we are actually prolonging our Earth’s life span to be sustainable to the entire population. It seems like we are doing only a little but it actually gives quite a lot of impact to the society. Are you with us? Let’s make this effort a huge success! Nature Lodge Kinabatangan welcomes you with open hands!

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