Wildlife Adventure of River Cruise in Kinabatangan River

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What could be more exciting than coming face-to-face with a real life Bornean monkey in a wildlife adventure during a river cruise session? You can take this opportunity by exploring it yourself cruising the Kinabatangan River while staying at our lodge, Nature Lodge Kinabatangan. The wildlife in Kinabatangan is a paradise for animal lovers and one of the most well-loved wildlife destinations in Sabah, Borneo.

This exciting river adventure is one of the items included in the many packages offered by Nature Lodge Kinabatangan. Incredible Sabah wildlife such as crocodiles, hornbills, eagles, Proboscis Monkeys, Orang Utans and macaques are a common sight along the river. The bird life here is also simply amazing whereas all eight of Borneo’s hornbill species can be seen regularly, plus Storm’s stork and the rare Oriental darter or also known as “Snake-Bird”.

These creatures are so incredible, we swear! How could you not include this activity on your bucket list? It will be the wildlife experience you’ll never forget in your entire life. So if you are planning on being a part of this adventure, we encourage you to bring along a travel camera. A mirrorless camera is definitely a wiser choice as it is less bulky and weighs less, so it is easier to hold on to it during the river cruise which can take up to 2 hours!

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